DX8 is a peer-to-peer digital currency to help transact more cost effectively


Our Impact

Our mission is to revolutionize digital currency exchanges within the medical marijuana field and create a positive impact on the world around us.

Our product is a solution to the field’s biggest problem: Right now, marijuana wholesalers, distributors and retailers face a wasteful, restrictive process for handling excess cash. Even if they could accept debit and credit card transactions, they'd still face monthly and transactional fees that bleed their bottom line.

We eliminate the middle-man. We provide dispensaries with minimal transaction fees and the opportunity for compound growth on the DX8 exchange. Most of all, our business is an engine for the
public good. A portion of our profits go toward innovation, supporting the development of cannabis-based medicines subject to FDA approval. Through smart, digital currency, we offer what American business owners have always wanted: Freedom.


How It Works


Purchase Ethereum in your crypto wallet. We recommend either MetaMask or CoinBase wallet.


Go  to your crypto app's browser and type in Uniswap.org

Gain DX8

Swap your Ethereum for DX8 by pasting this contract address: 0xc6e4ac0667845361ae48fe3cda87cadb66e8a04d using V2 liquidity.

Join with our community

Our Trading platform empowers to buy & sell in seconds, rather than minutes.

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Our Trading platform empowers to buy & sell in seconds, rather than minutes. We are creating a mobile-first infrastructure.

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