How to invest:

  1. Purchase Ethereum in your crypto wallet. We recommend either Trust wallet or CoinBase wallet. 
  2. Go to your crypto app’s browser and type in
  3. Swap your Ethereum for DX8 by pasting this contract address 0xc6e4ac0667845361ae48fe3cda87cadb66e8a04d

How to track:

Steps to buy:

  1. Download Metamask on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Tap the top left menu button. Go to settings-network- add network. Enter the smart chain information in this link Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain | Binance Academy
  3. You must purchase BNB or Smart Chain to swap for DX8. You can do this by downloading (recommended) from the App Store or on your computer (not recommended unless already verified)
  4. After purchasing BNB and transferring to your Metamask, go to the browser in the metamask menu section and then type in
  5. Make sure “from” is BNB with yellow background and black label and then in the “to” section click on “select currency” and paste the contract number below
  6. To activate price ticker please paste this into your metamask browser and then connect your wallet
  7. If you have trouble with your purchase please join our telegram group for support or DM us on Instagram @dx8.crypto
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